10 Big Reasons to Learn Data Science ? | Digi Feeds

 10 Big Reasons to Learn Data Science ? | Digi Feeds

10 Big Reasons to Learn Data Science ? | Digi Feeds
10 Reason to Learn Data Science

What is Data Science ?

Data science is a fascinating field that combines the best of both data analytics, statistics, and computer science. Data science focuses on extracting insight from large amounts of complex data using primary and secondary research methods to apply advanced mathematical algorithms to bring important insights to the aid of human decision-making. (DigiFeeds).

What is Data Science ?
What is Data Science ?

Big Reasons to Learn Data Science

  1. Earning Potential:- Data science can be one of the best decisions for your career. You'll make a career in an industry that is growing and changing rapidly, as well as create innovation within your own company.
  2. Employment Opportunities:- Data science utilizes statistics, computer science and number crunching to extract information from data in order to create actionable forecasts. There is a large demand for data scientists in many different fields, including finance, healthcare, marketing and commerce. The pay for data scientists can be competitive if one has the experience or qualifications needed.
  3. Alternative Entry Method:- Studying data science is an alternative entry route that requires no particular background or qualifications. You can enter the world of data science early and make yourself employable in a very short period of time.
  4. Fees Initiative:- While it may seem like a lot of money, tuition amounts to less than one percent of the average employee's salary. The best part is that this pays off in the long run, with many of our graduates moving on to be managers or data scientists at companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon.
  5. Learn Cutting-Edge Technologies:- Data science is a rapidly growing field. With increasing demand, more and more students are trying to learn the skills required to find work in this field. The demand for data science professionals has led to extensive research on the best methods to study data science – from free online courses to paid programs.
  6. Global Demand for Data Scientists:- Data Science is a rapidly growing field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for data scientists is around $120K annually. They grow much faster than other occupations such as computer and mathematical specialists (BLS 2013).
  7. Work Across Various Sectors:- Data science is best suited for working across various sectors and disciplines. If a job market goes well, data scientists can expect to keep getting better opportunities and compensation. If not, well you can always switch careers!.
  8. Future-Oriented Role:- Data science is an industry that has been experiencing a boom in the past few years. Data science is an exciting field with high demand for skilled professionals. Possessing skills that are language aware, math and logic driven, and visual representation techniques will help you succeed in this role.
  9. Contribute to Society:- The software industry is a highly competitive industry where you can make a positive contribution to society. By studying data science and becoming proficient with number crunching and analytical skills, you can gain crucial expertise that will prepare you for future jobs and provide benefits to others.
  10. Best of Both Worlds:- Data science is the intersection of Computer Science and Statistics, but it often involves computer science in a more physical and mentored setting than statistics. The best way to learn everything and master data science is by understanding how both subjects work.

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