Top 10 Reasons to Learn React Native And Why You Should Too Learn | Digi Feeds

Top 10 Reasons to Learn React Native And Why You Should Too Learn | Digi Feeds

React Native 

What is React Native ?

React Native is the most widely adopted cross-platform mobile application development platform. It helps you to develop Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac devices. This framework simplifies your development by providing two layers of abstraction – one on the JavaScript side and one on native APIs level. In React Native, you can build single page applications that feel like they’re running in a browser and share code between them.

Benefits Of React Native  | Digi Feeds.

1. React Native is a mobile framework that allows developers to build native app experiences in JavaScript. The framework is built with all of the same tools and capabilities of React, meaning you can use your existing skills as a developer to build great Native-like experiences across multiple operating systems and platforms.

2. React Native is a cross-platform development framework that enables you to build mobile apps and websites based on Facebook's React JS library. It gives you the opportunity to write code once and deploy it across iOS and Android, without having to understand the platform's native APIs or worry about porting your existing skills. In this post, we round up 10 reasons why we love React Native, and why you should too.

3. React Native is #1 for two reasons: it's native, which means it's fast and the best reliability.

4.React Native helps you build a modern mobile app with unprecedented speed and efficiency. With Fast Refresh and Modern Debugging Tools, you can reload "instantly" with all your changes without restarting the app, deploy faster to multiple platforms for testing, and debug problems in real-time.

5.React Native is developed by Facebook, but it’s open-source. That means the community can contribute and make changes to its code – like any open source project. It also means it’s not subject to the whims of a single company or team, which means you get to own it.

6. React Native gives you the flexibility to easily re-write your app from scratch and build it once, then run it everywhere.

7. React Native is a good fit for many businesses, with thousands of developers already building apps within the framework. There are also ripple effects from React Native development that extend beyond its own community, including work happening with other technologies such as NgRX and Flux.

8. React Native has been regarded as one of the most powerful frameworks today. It is not only used in the native arena, but also in the web front-end development world. React Native enables your application to run on mobile phones, tablets and desktops (desktop browsers). And with so many features it has to offer, it makes developing these applications very easy!.

9.There Are Great Integrations To Make Your Job Easier.

10.Amazing Resources Are Available Online To Get Started.

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